Historical Column


A College Begins in Henderson 150 Years and Counting!

Higher Education Becomes Christian Education

Hardeman and Freed Arrive on the Scene

New Building, New Name

Freed, Hardeman Begin Construction of New School

Successful Opening Fuels NTNBC Optimism

Changing Times Force Changes to NTNBC

From Boarding School to Dormitories

Campus Life in Early 1910s Includes Classes, Debates and Not Much More

NTNBC Grows Rapidly, Exerts Influence in Churches of Christ

Changing Times Force Changes at NTNBC

From Boarding School to Dormitories

Hardeman Takes Ryman Auditorium Stage


Freed, Hardeman Partnership Ends

New Administration Takes the Helm

Hall’s Presidency Short but Eventful

Play Ball! Inter-scholastic Athletics Arrives at FHC

Lions and Lionesses Take the Court and the Field

Shall FHC Go? Or Shall It Stay?

Going to Chapel, 1930’s Style

Hard Times Force New Ways of Paying Bills

World War Erupts in Europe, FHC Responds

Benefactors Impact College, Church

War Winds Down; Henderson, FHC Celebrate

War Winds Down; Henderson, FHC Celebrate

Ollie Dodd Enrolls at FHC

Hardeman Era Ends

Dixon Becomes New FHC President

Dixon Presidency Brings Stable Enrollment, Increased Activities

At Last, Accreditation!

Gardner Presidency Brings Decades of Progress

Sewell Opens FHU Campus to Community

Challenges Face New President

Shannon Energizes Campus