Share your memories - everyday moments with friends or big events with the whole campus - by making a horizontal phone video of them. When you submit them (thus giving your permission for use), they will become part of a virtual video scrapbook at fhu.edu.

Video submissions (five minutes or less) can be sent to alumni@fhu.edu through Monday, May 11. Regardless of the amount of time you were a student, we want to hear from you.

“To Thee, Our Dearest FHU”

Additionally, we’re looking for alumni to submit themselves singing the alma mater, “To Thee, Our Dearest FHU.” We’ll creatively use these video submissions online at a later date.

Again, record submission on your phone and email them to alumni@fhu.edu through Friday, May 1. Music and lyrics to the alma mater are attached to this email and can be obtained by sending an email request to alumni@fhu.edu.

As the campus sits quiet and empty, we are more aware than ever that FHU is not the buildings, it is her people.

We also recognize that it is not the large moments in the storied 150-year history that make up the tapestry of our beloved school. The small moments - the shared faith, laughter, tears, prayers, late nights and meals - bond us for life.

Thank you for celebrating our beloved FHU by sharing your story and your voice.

Disclaimer: By submitting a video, I give FHU my permission to use any submission on the university’s website and official social media platforms.