Teaching and Learning Resources

Two facilities have been developed to support and promote the innovative use of technology by our faculty and students - the Teaching and Learning Center and the Innovator's Room.


The Teaching and Learning Center, located in Brown-Kopel Business Center (Room 332), serves as a resource for all faculty members who are interested in developing and incorporating technology into their pedagogy. This room contains different types of hardware and software which enable faculty members to improve their technological skills, develop course content and become innovative thinkers.


The Innovator?s Room located in the Brown-Kopel Business Center (Room 333), is specially equipped with integrated audio and video equipment that may be utilized to engage and challenge students in ways not possible in more traditional classrooms.

Training, directed by our experienced technologists, is conducted on a regular basis. Faculty are introduced to various technologies, reinforced with hands-on support which facilitates their technological growth as they work to incorporate these and other self-discovered technologies into their pedagogy.