Time Management: A Student's Perspective

by Lance Williams
January 27, 2012 8:23 PM

As a college senior I have found that perhaps the most important ability you need to have in college is managing time. As a student you have so many different things going on, such as classes, class work, professional clubs, social activities, sports, and of course just chilling with friends, and it's important to be able to balance these.

I have found in my time here at Freed that the best way to manage time is by using and staying faithful to Google Calendar. Google Calendar is another one of Google's many free products that just make life easier. It allows you to schedule activities, but visually. You mark the time you have scheduled meetings as "blocks" on the grid view of the calendar. This allows you to literally see the amount of time on your schedule. With Google Calendar, you can classify different blocks as different types of activities, by giving them different colors. You can also add tasks, for assignments, or just things you need to accomplish throughout the week. You can even share your calendar with other people, so they can see when you're busy or free. And the best thing, as always with Google, is it lives in the cloud. Once you create your calendar, you can access it from any device that allows you to sign in with you Google account. If you have an Android device, your calendar is instantly synced to your device every time you make an update. If you aren't using Google Calendar now, I highly suggest it - it truly makes life simpler.