iOS 6 First Impressions

by Michael Clark
September 25, 2012 10:03 AM

iOS 6 was released to the public on Wednesday the 19th. I was looking forward to seeing what Apple had in store (I hadn't been able to play with any of the beta releases) so I quickly downloaded and installed the new software. Here's my first impressions of the things I like and didn't like about iOS 6.


  • App Store - I'm a big fan of the new App Store. It's much easier to use and a lot less annoying. The biggest thing I like is how it no longer kicks you out when downloading a new app or an update. I'm all the time perusing the top lists to find something new to try and find it annoying to have to re-open the App Store and find my spot again. With iOS 6, I don't have to.
  • Maps - The horror! Consider me one of the few that likes the new Maps app. Granted, I don't live in the largest of cities (large city and Henderson are not two things that are ever used together). Sure, it may place random restaurant X in the wrong place or gas station Y doesn't exist, but as long as it gets me in the general vicinity I can usually find my way. I love how the maps are vector based so it's clear no matter the zoom level and the turn by turn directions are good enough for me.


  • New Stock Apps - I don't like a lot of apps on my iPhone. In fact, I've shoved as many of the stock apps that I don't use into an  Apps folder (Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks, etc.). I don't see myself using the new Passbook app mainly because I don't use the services it provides (movie tickets, airline passes, etc.). To me it's just more clutter I have to manage.
  • Facebook Sync - Let me be clear and say that I love the Facebook integration. I hardly ever post on Facebook (my last post was August 23rd), but I find it handy that I can post to Facebook directly just as I can Twitter. That said, I hate the Facebook contact sync. I'm friends with people on Facebook that I haven't talked to in 5 or more years. I have no need to sync their contact information and creating more clutter. I really wish I could do a selective sync of my Facebook contacts.

Overall, I consider the jump from iOS 5 to iOS 6 to be a big improvement and well worth it. Now I'm looking forward to iOS 7!