My Experience Developing FHU Mobile for Android

by Andy Maach
June 8, 2013 7:02 PM

Since high school I have been very interested in mobile development with Android being my platform of choice. Before FHU Mobile I had my own unique SMS App on Google Play - and I used it daily for about two years. Upon being asked to work on FHU Mobile for Android I was delighted to help bring FHU one small step closer to being platform independent and I immediately accepted. Working on FHU mobile for Android consisted primarily of investigating the iPhone app via normal usage and typing source code into the computer. My favorite technical part of the project was working with multi-threading to try to make everything fast. Multi-threaded programming can be very challenging thanks to obscure glitches that can randomly pop up and disappear, but the rewards can be impressive if implemented correctly. Gaining real-world work experience in a positive Christian atmosphere has been an mentor to me both professionally and spiritually.