Week 2 Development

by Michael Plyler
May 27, 2011 4:07 PM

Here is a brief overview of the project development items that we worked on/completed this past week:

  • New content was added to a few areas of our website
  • Dr. Kenan Casey continued work on our iPhone App - it's almost ready for launch...and looks sweet!
  • Work continued on our Alumni website migration plan
  • The Bell Tower site implementation is nearly complete
  • Our fhu.edu/connect page is receiving a few updates: content and functionality
  • Development plans for our backchannel app continues - our version one inclusions have been finalized

Next week, Lance will be back on campus and will begin work once again on the backchannel application. Look for a few updates on this in the near future. 

I found out this past week that our new web programmer, Michael Clark, will be starting on June 13. We all look forward to this new addition to IT Web Services.

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