If I had the time...

by Ethan Kershaw
October 11, 2011 12:22 AM

I’ve been an Android user for about two years now. Seeing Lance and Zachary hard at work on Android development recently has me really wanting to do some personal Android work. Over the past two years I’ve had a lot of ideas for things I would like to make for my phone, but have never really found the time to dive into learning Android.

Whenever I do get around to trying my hand with Android development, I will probably try to make some of the apps I’ve been thinking of since I started using my Droid. I’ve already started to learn iOS development thanks to one of my classes, so also knowing how to develop for Android would be a good tool to have.

Since Lance and Zachary are already getting a good knowledge of Android, maybe when I get around to learning it I can get help from them. More realistically though, this is probably something that’s going to have to wait until a break from school.

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