FHU Mobile for iPad

by Ethan Kershaw
December 9, 2011 7:50 AM

Earlier this year, the FHU Mobile iPhone app was released and plans were made that an iPad version would also be made. Work has begun on this iPad app, and will be continued next semester in the Advanced Topics class. So far, work has been done on the photo gallery, campus map, and news feed portions of the app. My group has been responsible for the news feed, and it is intended to present the information from our social graph in a style that utilizes the larger screen of the iPad. Next semester we will be taking these three pieces and combining them with the other capabilities you can already find in the FHU Mobile app, such as the directory and forms.

The most difficult part of this application so far has been understanding the workings of Objective-C and the iOS platform. While Objective-C is a popular language, it is very different from even the languages it is most closely related to. iOS is a powerful platform, but it definitely has its nuances and complexities. I believe that every student that works on this FHU Mobile for iPad project will come away with increased application development skills, and valuable experience in one more language and platform.

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Kenan   12/12/2011 11:30:21 AM
I'm curious about what languages you are referring to in the sentence: "While objective-c is a popular language, it is very different from even the languages it is most closely related to."

Do you consider Smalltalk one of it's ancestors?  
Ethan Kershaw   12/15/2011 3:01:39 PM
I was referring more to the C family in general. To name some differences: (1) sending messages to objects with the bracket structure to call methods, and (2) method access specifications using + and -. C, C++, C# are all in some degree of harmony in these two areas, but Objective-C bucks the trend.
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