Countdown to Graduation

by Lance Williams
March 29, 2012 2:05 PM

Here I am, a senior who is just six weeks from graduating, and I cannot in words express how excited I am. My time at Freed-Hardeman has definitely been the most enjoyable and memorable four years of my life, but I feel that I am ready to move on. For the past two years I have been interning in our Information Technology department as a programmer and I feel that this was the best career decision I have ever made. My education, particularly in Computer Science, has set up a great foundation of both knowledge and the ability to learn new things quickly. This education, coupled with my experience in the IT department, has given me at least some confidence in my ability to find and maintain a job.

With all that said, with my excitement to finish school and my confidence in my education and work-experience, I still am quite nervous and almost frightened in the idea of working outside of the FHU world. In my internship I have had to accomplish different tasks that involved and utilized unrelated things, but I fear that if I were placed entirely out of my element that I could fail. I don't believe this is a reflection on Freed-Hardeman's ability to educate, or my boss's ability to assign realistic programming tasks, but rather my lack of knowledge on programming in the "real-world". This uncertainty, and I think it would be said for anyone entering a market they were unfamiliar with, is truly intimidating and frightening, but also a necessary step in life.

When I compare myself to my friends that have went on to get jobs, both from Freed-Hardeman and other Universities, I do consider myself to possess similar, if not perhaps better abilities than them. I believe that FHU is responsible for this in the education and opportunities I was offered while here. While slightly scared I am beyond excited to move on. I look forward to being challenged in my profession and having the ability and mentality to utilize my Freed-Hardeman experiences to accomplish my goals.

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