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iKnow Biology

September 15, 2009 4:10 PM

With the incorporation of the iKnow program on campus, instructors are finding new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. A visit to Dwina Willis's Biology lab revealed students learning about the human body through multiple avenues. In this particular class, students learned to recognize tissues and to name the bones of the body. The list of tissues and bones were posted on the course's BlackBoard page, along with photos of tissues that were taken in lab. The textbook also comes with a CD containing photos of a human cadaver that highlights individual bones, muscles and nerves and animations to help illustrate some of the physiological processes that occur in the human body. The students also used hands-on skeletal models to complete the unique learning experience.

Beth Wade, Noslen Labrada and Chris White learn the bones of the skull. 

Caleb Vivio and Ken Bingham use software on their MacBooks to highlight individual bones on the skeleton.
Taraleigh Watts uses a combination of her MacBook, textbook and a model of the human hand to learn the bones of the wrist.

Samantha Graham uses BlackBoard to access the objectives for the lab.


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