About this Site

Website Purpose Statement

The Freed-Hardeman University website exists to create a central location of information and ideas built to enhance relationships, inform our audience, and involve a diverse community, primarily future and current students, alumni and friends of the university, but also faculty, staff, administrators of FHU, the churches of Christ, and others interested in the university. This will be done through clear, persistent messages that encourage participation from our university community, allow audience feedback and opinions, and provide full accessibility to all of our users.

What's New?

There are several new items with our website. We took this redesign very seriously and incorporated these items into the new design and functionality:

 Relationship Dimension
(more personal stories, images, videos) 
 Navigation and Design
(an improved look and interface) 
 Technical Details
(improved functionality of the site) 
 Aesthetic Appropriateness 
(ensuring each page follows our style guide) 
 Content of the Site
(easy-to-find, consistent information) 

You will also notice a new integrated search engine, utility footer, event calendar and role-based navigation.

Our goal has been to make navigating our site as easy as possible and deliver consistent, relevant content/information to all of our visitors.

The FHU Web Team

Ethan Kershaw     University Webmaster 
Michael Plyler      Director of Development and Operations 


We want to know what you think. We want your feedback.
We want to make the FHU website even better and we can do that with your help.