Bible Lands

The Bible Lands program is an educational travel experience that is open to learners of all ages. Our goal is to offer a rich learning experience that will fill your imagination with visions of the past by providing a geographical and historical context for the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. This can be a complicated affair, since the Bible spans several thousand years and just as many miles—from Italy to Iran, Turkey to Egypt, and everywhere in between.

While participants will not visit all of the lands mentioned in the Bible during their travels—just imagine how long that would take!—the program involves travel to many biblically-significant sites and historical locations in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Past programs have included visits to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, and Italy. Participants who join us in May 2017 will travel around the Aegean Sea, visiting the Seven Churches of Revelation, the island of Patmos, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Troy, and other exciting places. Check out the itinerary below!

Group Overlooking Temple Mt - Jan 2014

Download the brochure for the 2017 Bible Lands program.

For more information about the Bible Lands program, including information about costs and how to apply, visit the FAQs or contact the FHU Abroad Office at

2017 Program Itinerary

Monday, May 15 – Depart U.S. for Thessaloniki (optional transfer from Henderson to Nashville airport)

Tuesday, May 16 – Arrive in Thessaloniki
Overnight in Thessaloniki

Wednesday, May 17 – Full-day tour of Thessaloniki
Overnight in Thessaloniki

Thursday, May 18 – Amphipolis, Philippi, Kavala/Neapolis
Overnight in Alexandroupolis

Friday, May 19 – cross Greek/Turkish border, Dardanelles
Overnight in Çanakkale

Saturday, May 20 – Truva/Troy, Bergama/Pergamom
Overnight in Izmir/Smyrna

Sunday, May 21 – Full-day tour of Ephesus
Overnight in Kuşadasi

Monday, May 22 – Full-day tour of Patmos
Overnight in Kuşadasi

Tuesday, May 23 – Hierapolis, Laodicea, Colossae
Overnight in Pamukkale

Wednesday, May 24 – Alaşehir/Philadelphia, Sart/Sardis, Akhisar/Thyatira
Overnight in Bursa

Thursday, May 25 – Istanbul
Overnight in Istanbul

Friday, May 26 – Full-day tour of Istanbul
Overnight in Istanbul

Saturday, May 27 – Transfer to Istanbul airport for return to U.S.