Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences

Our Mission
The Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences seeks to further the aims and purposes of Freed-Hardeman University by: 
  1. making the student more conscious of God and design in natural phenomena; 
  2. furthering the student’s general education by contributing to his or her cultural background and helping him or her to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the natural world; 
  3. imparting some understanding of the methods of scientific investigation, thus building a foundation for further research and advanced study in sciences and various related fields; 
  4. preparing students in the health-related pre-professional fields and offering a sound background for those preparing themselves to teach; and
  5. preparing students for positions in industry, civil service, and other areas.

The Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences offers a baccalaureate minor in Biology, Chemistry, Health, and Kinesiology. Bachelor's in Biology, Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Kinesiology and Physical Science are offered within the department. The department offers two options in pre-engineering:  the standard two-year pre-engineering curriculum or a dual-degree program in which the student may receive a bachelor's degree with a major in physical science from Freed-Hardeman University and a degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited school of engineering after the successful completion of the prescribed curricula at both schools. The dual-degree is a 3-2 program, including three years at Freed-Hardeman University and two years at an ABET-accredited school of engineering. 

Requirements for teacher licensure in Tennessee and most states may be met in Biology and General Science. A four-year professional program is offered to develop competent teachers and leaders in the fields of kinesiology, exercise science, and fitness. Teacher licensure is available through the additional courses and requirements of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Why study here?

Freed-Hardeman University's Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences offers a wide variety of class options - from substance abuse to natural resource conservation - that cater to your academic curiosities. We believe the relationship between you and your instructor is an essential connection in improving the desire to learn and the atmosphere for growth. If you choose to make Freed-Hardeman University your home, there is no doubt you will find instructors who will answer your questions about science and its real-world applications. Our faculty members have studied everything from human anatomy to snakes to cancer cells, and each instructor is prepared to address your individual needs. In fact, professors who hold doctorates in their respective fields teach most of our upper-division courses.


In the summer of 2012, the department welcomed the construction of the Anderson Science Center featuring brand new laboratories and equipment for all the sciences on campus, including general biology, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, general chemistry, and environmental chemistry. The 20,000-square-foot workspace almost doubled the size of our previous facility.  

Undergraduate Research Experience

We want our students to possess real-world practice of their studies while enjoying state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. The Undergraduate Research Experience is one way we work to reach this goal. This program is an outlet for ambitious students to pursue their own scientific interests with the support of mentoring professors, following a model that is often exclusive to the graduate level. No matter your research field, you are sure to learn more about the natural world and the God who created it.

Success after Graduation

Graduates of FHU's Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences enjoyed over 92% acceptance rates into medical, optometry, veterinary, pharmacy, dental, graduate, and physician assistant schools since 2000. Our graduates' acceptance rates into most of these programs have been at or above 90%, with many at 100%. For over a century, Freed-Hardeman has dedicated itself to students and strives to help them find academic and spiritual success well beyond the classroom.