Major in Philosophy

Philosophy is a love of wisdom. It is an adventure of constant discovery that comes from one’s curiosity and wonder. A philosopher attempts to make sense of life and the universe around us. Philosophy addresses fundamental questions: What are we? Why are we here? Is there a creator or is nature self-explanatory? Are good and evil merely cultural traditions? At Freed-Hardeman University, we study philosophy from a Christian perspective, realizing that the ultimate questions are answered in God’s word.

Studying philosophy is good for the mind. It trains you to think carefully, deeply, logically, and skillfully. Critical thinking is widely hailed as the ultimate cross application skill that will help you navigate the challenges of living, learning, and working in the twenty-first century. When you study philosophy, you do not only learn what to think. You learn how to think. It trains you to be a better thinker. Not surprisingly, philosophy majors perform extremely well on standardized exams like the GRE and LSAT.

4-Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, a 4-year plan for students planning to major in Philosophy has been created:

2013-2014 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

2012-2013 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

2011-2012 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.A. Major in Philosophy

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Kippy Myers
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/ Graduation Requirements."


I. General Education Requirements 46 hours
  (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display")
II. Major Requirements
PHI 243 Introduction to Philosophy (W) 3 hours
PHI 245 History of Philosophy I (W) 3
PHI 246 History of Philosophy II (W) 3
PHI/BIB 340 Logic 3
PHI/BIB 344 Ethics 3
PHI 345 Philosophy of Evolution and Creation 3
BIB 446 Christian Evidences (W) 3
Select 9 hours from the following list: 9
ART 410 Readings in Art History OR (3)
BIB 445 World Religions (W) OR (3)
HUM 310 Arts and Ideas OR (3)
PHI 498 Independent Study in Philosophy (3)
30 hours
III.    Additional Requirements   
         Humanities Course for B.A. Degree  3-4 hours
III. Electives (including additional Bible) 46-47 hours