Major in Arts and Humanities

The major in Arts and Humanities is unique. Most major programs require a list of specific classes that the student must take. Some students find this approach to be restrictive. They want a multi-disciplinary major that enables them to explore a more diverse range of classes in their major. The Arts and Humanities major enables them to explore a greater variety of courses that will also serve as their major requirements.

The Arts and Humanities major requires that the courses selected by the student fall into three basic categories: Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Math and Natural Sciences. If you would like to pursue a degree in Arts and Humanities, please contact Dr. Kippy Myers in the College of Arts and Sciences at

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.A/B.S. Major in Arts and Humanities
(See Department of Education if teacher licensure is desired)

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/Graduation Requirements."

I. General Education Requirements 46 hours
  (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display")

II. Major Requirements*
  Arts and Humanities 6 hours
  Arts and Humanities (upper-division) 12
  Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
  Social and Behavioral Sciences (upper-division) 3
  Mathematics and Natural Sciences 6
  Mathematics and Natural Sciences (upper-division) 3

36 hours
 *Courses taken must include three (3) writing (W) courses.  
III. Additional Requirements
  Humanities Course for B.A. Degree OR 3-4 hours 
  Math/Science Course for B.S. Degree (3-4) 
IV. Electives (including additional Bible)  40-41 hours 
      Total Hours  126 hours