Major in Biochemistry

In the areas of chemistry and engineering sciences, the goal of the faculty members is to accomplish the following: increase the general education and culture of all students; meet the needs of students who are preparing themselves to teach; meet the needs of those who are in preprofessional fields such as engineering and the health-related fields; prepare students for advanced work in chemistry and physics.

4 -- Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, a 4-year plan for students planning to major in Biochemistry has been created:

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Biochemistry
Program Coordinator:  TBD

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/Graduation Requirements."

I. General Education Requirements 49 hours
   (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display.")
   Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 122 Analytics and Calculus I
   Limit III. B. Chemistry or Physical Science to PHS 211 Physics for Science
   and Engineering I

II. Major Requirements

BIO 333 Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 4 hours
BIO Additional Biology Courses 12
CHE 121/122
General Chemistry I & II 6
CHE 121L/122L General Chemistry I & II Labs 2
CHE 221 Analytical Chemistry OR 4
CHE 222 Instrumental Analysis (4)
CHE 321/322 Organic Chemistry I & II (W) 8
CHE 331/332 Biochemistry I & II (W) 8
CHE 400 Chemistry Seminar (W)
CHE 421 Physical Chemistry I 4
PHS 212 Physics for Science and Engineering II (W)* 4
CHE Upper-division Chemistry courses* 7
60 hours
*Students may also use CHE 498 or HON 498 Independent Study (must be chemistry related) for up to 3 of the required 7 additional credit hours.
III. Additional Requirements
      Math/Science Course for B.S. Degree  3-4 hours 
IV. Electives (including additional Bible) 13-14 hours