Major in Biology

The B.S. in Biology is designed for pre-professional majors (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, medical technology, etc.) or for students who plan to go on to graduate school or to work with environmental opportunities (parks, water testing, etc.).This programs is also designed for Biology education majors.

Opportunities for academic involvement include membership to the BIO (Beta Iota Omicron) Club or the ACS (American Chemical Society). There are also undergraduate research opportunities for students through the Undergraduate Research Experience.

For more information please contact Dr. Brian Butterfield, Chair of the Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences at


Degree Requirements

B.S. Major in Biology                                                                    

 126 HOURS

Program Coordinator: Dr. Rachel Stevens Salmon

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation

I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements:      35 hours 

Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Display
Limit II. C. Basic skills to any MAT course that fulfills the liberal arts core requirement except MAT 100 Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics
Limit III. B. Natural Sciences to CHE 121 General Chemistry I with CHE 121L General Chemistry I Lab

II. Major Requirements
   23 hours
BIO 111   General Biology I                                         4  
BIO 112   General Biology II                                        4  
BIO 205    Cell Biology   3 
BIO 321   Ecology (W)   4 
BIO 333
Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics OR   4 
BIO 335   Genetics  (4) 
BIO 444
Biological Concepts of Origins (W)   3 
BPH 100
Special Topics in Science  0.5 
BPH 200   Special Topics in Science  0.5 

III. Additional Requirements (choose one emphasis below): 18-22 hours
A. Biology - General             
(Recommended for those seeking Teacher Licensure or administration to Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy School.)
BIO                  Biology (upper-division Botany)                 
BIO   Biology (upper-division Zoology)*  3 (4) 
BIO   Electives 
BPH 300                   
Special Topics in Science 
BPH 400
Science Seminar (W) 
CHE 122 
General Chemistry II 
CHE 122L
General Chemistry II Lab 


B. Biology - Professional
(Recommended for those seeking admission to medical school.)

BIO               Biology (upper-division Botany)                  4
BIO Biology (upper-division Zoology)* 3 (4)
BIO Electives 12
BPH 300                 
Special Topics in Science 1
BPH 400
Science Seminar(W) 1


C. Environmental Science
BIO 323                        Plant Taxonomy                                           4
BIO 345
Wildlife Ecology (W) (4)
BPH 300   Special Topics in Science   1 
BPH 400    Science Seminar (W)   1 
MAT 235   Introductory Statistics   3
Plus eight (8) hours chosen form the following courses:         8 hours
BIO 105                         Principles of Conservation Biology            (3) 
BIO 215   Microbiology   (4) 
BIO 299B/399B 
Biology of Freshwater Game Fishes   (3) 
BIO 299G/399G   Field Research   (3) 
BIO 299I/399I    Environmental Pollution   (3)
BIO 311
Entomology  (4)
BIO 331
Vertebrate Zoology  (4)
BIO 355
Natural Resource Conservation (W)  (4)
BIO 416
Herpetology (W)  (4)
BIO 417
Animal Behavior (W)  (4)
BIO 498
Research  (1-3) 


IV. Required Chemistry minor for Professional and Environmental Science Emphasis hours: 16 hours     
CHE 122          General Chemistry II  3
CHE 122L    General Chemistry II Lab 
CHE 321    Organic Chemistry I (W) 
CHE 322   Organic Chemistry II (W) 
CHE 331    Biochemistry I (W) (Professional Emphasis) OR 
CHE 356    Aquatic Chemistry (Environmental Emphasis)  (4) 


V. Electives (including additional Bible): 

A foreign language, mathematics (including MAT 235 Introductory Statistics), and physics are strongly recommended.

34-54 hours


*This must be a regular catalog laboratory course.

Requirements for Teaching Licensure in Biology and General Science

1. Completion of the course of study for a B.A. Major in Biology as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses (See Department of Education entry).