Major in Chemistry

The department offers baccalaureate majors in chemistry and in physical science. A minor in chemistry is also offered. 

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Chemistry

Program Coordinator:  Mr. Jim Barr
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/Graduation Requirements."

I. General Education Requirements
48 hours
    (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display.")
    Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 122 Analytics and Calculus I
    Limit III. B. Chemistry or Physical Science to PHS 211 Physics for Science  
    and Engineering I
II. Common Chemistry Core
BIO 444  Biological Concepts of Origins (W)  3 hours 
BPH 100  Special Topics in Science  0.5 
BPH 200  Special Topics in Science  0.5
BPH 300  Special Topics in Science 
BPH 400  Science Seminar (W)  1
CHE  121/122 General Chemistry I & II 6 hours
CHE 121L/122L General Chemistry I & II Labs 2
CHE 321/322 Organic Chemistry I & II (W) 8
22 hours

III. Additional Requirements (choose one of the two concentrations)

Chemistry Requirements

CHE 221  Analytical Chemistry             4 hours 
CHE 421  Quantum Chemistry            4
CHE 422  Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics           
CHE  Chemistry Electives*           
MAT 223  Analytics and Calculus II           
PHS 212  Physics for Science and Engineering II (W)                          
              29 hours 

Biochemistry Requirements

BIO 205  Cell Biology      3 hours 
BIO 321  Ecology (W)     
BIO 333  Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics     
CHE 331  Biochemistry I     
CHE 332 Biochemistry II     
CHE 421  Quantum Chemistry OR     
CHE 422  Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics                                (4) 
CHE/BIO  Additional Chemistry or Biology*    
        29 hours 

IV. Electives (including additional Bible)                                                27 hours

Total Hours 126 hours

*Students may substitute MAT 224 Analytics and Calculus III or upper-division mathematics courses for up to four (4) of the nine (9) additional credit hours. Students may also use CHE 498 or HON 498 Independent Study (must be chemistry related) for up to three (3) of the required nine (9) additional credit hours. Students completing the pre-engineering program may count ENS 231 Engineering Mechanics I and ENS 232 Engineering Mechanics II toward meeting the chemistry hours.

Requirements for Teacher Licensure in Chemistry

1. Completion of the course of study for a B.S. major in Chemistry as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses (see Department of Education entry).