Major in Chemistry


The department offers baccalaureate majors in chemistry and in physical science. A minor in chemistry is also offered. 


Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Chemistry

Program Coordinator:  Mr. Jim Barr
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/Graduation Requirements."

I. General Education Requirements
49 hours
    (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display.")
    Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 122 Analytics and Calculus I
    Limit III. B. Chemistry or Physical Science to PHS 211 Physics for Science  
    and Engineering I
II. Common Chemistry Core
BIO 444  Biological Concepts of Origins (W)  3 hours 
BPH 100  Special Topics in Science  0.5 
BPH 200  Special Topics in Science  0.5
BPH 300  Special Topics in Science 
BPH 400  Science Seminar (W)  1
CHE  121/122 General Chemistry I & II 6 hours
CHE 121L/122L General Chemistry I & II Labs 2
CHE 321/322 Organic Chemistry I & II (W) 8
22 hours

III. Additional Requirements (choose one of the two concentrations)

Chemistry Requirements

CHE 221  Analytical Chemistry             4 hours 
CHE 421  Quantum Chemistry            4
CHE 422  Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics           
CHE  Upper Division Chemistry*           
MAT 223  Analytics and Calculus II           
PHS 212  Physics for Science and Engineering II (W)                          
              29 hours 

Biochemistry Requirements

BIO 205  Cell Biology      3 hours 
BIO 321  Ecology (W)     
BIO 333  Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics     
CHE 331  Biochemistry I     
CHE 332 Biochemistry II     
CHE 421  Quantum Chemistry OR     
CHE 422  Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics                                (4) 
CHE/BIO  Additional Chemistry or Biology*    
        29 hours 

IV. Electives (including additional Bible)                                                26 hours

Total Hours 126 hours

*Students may substitute MAT 224 Analytics and Calculus II or upper-division mathematics courses for up to 4 of the required 9 additional credit hours. Students may also use CHE 498 or HON 498 Independent Study (must be chemistry related) for up to 3 of the required 9 additional credit hours. Students completing the pre-engineering program may count ENS 231 Engineering Mechanics I and ENS 232 Engineering Mechanics II toward meeting the 9 upper-division chemistry hours.

Requirements for Teacher Licensure in Chemistry

1. Completion of the course of study for a B.S. major in Chemistry as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses (see Department of Education entry).