Fine Arts

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Fine Arts is to provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills within the Christian context of aesthetic principles. This is accomplished through a curriculum that provides students opportunities to develop specific skills, and work with tools, technology, and materials within a chosen area of Fine Arts. At Freed-Hardeman University, the visual and performing arts serve as the venue for the uniquely human ability to express the sciences, literature, mathematics, and historical perspectives through creative processes.


Why study here?

The Department of Fine Arts offers a B.A. major in Art with an emphasis in Studio or Graphic Design, a B.A. major in Interactive Digital Design (designer emphasis), a B.A. major in Music, a B.A. major in Theatre, and minors in Art, Fine Arts, Music, Digital Music, Photography, and Theatre. A B.F.A. major is available in Art with an emphasis in Studio Art. Teacher licensure is available in Art, Music, and Theatre. 

The Department of Fine Arts can help students prepare for a career in a chosen field of art, graphic arts, music, or theatre.

The Department of Fine Arts teachers are dedicated, well-trained artists and musicians who perform and are active professionally. Their passion for creative expression in their fields encourages students to become actively engaged in learning and developing the skills necessary to be successful visual and performing artists and musicians. The low student-faculty ratio in courses required for the major allows individual attention and training for students. 

The Department of Fine Arts provides multiple opportunities for students to create and perform in art, music or theatre. Those experiences help the students to gain confidence as they prepare to pursue careers in the arts. Student performing ensembles and arts organizations further enhance their arts education, and experiences in community arts education for children provide students with participatory learning and help them become lifetime advocates for the arts.

The Department of Fine Arts provides students with opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Students gain valuable experience in practicums and internships, which provide students with hands-on training that leads to careers in the arts.