Art (B.F.A.)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Freed-Hardeman University and the Visual Arts Department are excited to announce a new undergraduate degree!

Why the BFA?

The national standard for undergraduates seeking to major in the fine arts (studio based courses) is the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. To be competitive in today’s art market, studio artists need experience in honing fundamental skills and developing a personal philosophy regarding the creating of artistic works. Many undergraduates seek to begin their careers following graduation, and a BFA degree from Freed-Hardeman University sets graduates on a stronger foundation.  

What’s the difference?

An art major can earn either a BA or BFA in studio art by successfully completing the required 126 credit hours. The difference lies in the degree curriculums. BA majors have a more varied educational experience, while BFA majors devote their elective hours to studio research courses.

The BFA program requires an additional 3 hours of art history and 18 hours of studio research. Six of these hours come from additional drawing courses and 12 hours from courses in the selected discipline of either painting or printmaking. The BFA program is a commitment one makes to achieve the greatest educational experience in studio art while attending Freed-Hardeman University.


Which one is right for me?

For those seeking a career as a fine artist, the BFA is the standard. To begin a studio-based practice, compete for exhibitions in the art market and make work of high quality, the experience offered by the BFA program will put one on a road to greater opportunity.

Students seeking to further their education in graduate programs and earn a Master’s degree in fine art (MFA) will benefit from earning the BFA. Graduate programs are competitive with limited availability. Those with BFA degrees have earned the credit hours and created the portfolios to gain consideration for higher education.

The BA degree is best suited for those seeking to major in art education at the primary or secondary levels. The courses of the BA program dovetail into the education program at FHU allowing students to complete the requirements of both programs in four years.

Degree Requirements

B.F.A. Major in Studio Art 126 hours
Program Coordinator:  Mr. Brian Bundren  
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation.  
I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements 34 hours
Listed in this catalog under Academics:  General Education Display   

II. Major Requirements 58-61 hours
ART 120 Drawing I 3
ART 130 2-D Design 3
ART 220 Drawing II 3
ART 240 Painting I 3
ART 260 Black and White Photography 3
ART 314  Modern Art (W) 
ART 332  3-D Design and Sculptural Techniques 
ART 340  Painting II 
ART 380  Printmaking I 
ART 390  Studio Research Drawing I 
ART 391 Studio Research Drawing II 
ART 410  Readings in Art History (W) 
ART 381  Printmaking II OR 
ART 440 Painting III  (3) 
ART 460A-D  Senior Exhibit and Seminar (W) 1-4 
ART 490  Studio Research 2-D Medium I (W) 
ART 491  Studio Research 2-D Medium II (W) 
ART 492  Studio Research 2-D Medium III (W) 
ART 493  Studio Research 2-D Medium IV (W) 
Choose six (6) hours from the following courses: 6 hours 
ART 311 Ancient Art (W) (3)
ART 312 Medieval and Asian Art (W) (3)
ART 313  Renaissance Art  (3) 
IV. Electives (including additional Bible) 31-34 hours
*Students certifying to teach should take this course for 1 hour credit.