Theatre (B.A.)

The Mission of FHU Theatre  "Creating a Community of Believer Artists"

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The place God calls you is to where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Every year FHU Theatre grads prove that it's possible to maintain a vibrant spiritual life while working in the theatre... more



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Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.A. Major in Theatre
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Cliff Thompson

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation

I.  General Education Requirements 45 hours
Listed in this catalog under Academics: General Education Display
For Teaching Licensure Limit III. C. 3. Fine Arts to THE 160               
Introduction to Theatre
II.  Major Requirements 43-45 hours
MUS 150 Beginning Voice 1
THE 161 Theatre Lab: Set 1
THE 180 Concepts in Theatre Design 
THE 246 Voice and Articulation 
THE 265 Acting I 3
THE 266 Technical Theatre Production 3
THE 270 Theatre Movement 3
THE 362 Theatre Lab: Audition Preparation
THE 365 History of Theatre I (W)
THE 366 History of Theatre II (W) 3
THE 465 Directing 3
THE 467 Theatre and the Christian (W) 3
THE 468A,B,C Senior Seminar/Project
THE  Theatre Labs: 3 additional hours

Select 3 hours from the following list:
THE 268 Acting II 3
THE 285 Acting for the Camera (3)
THE 377 Period Styles of Acting (3)
Select 6 hours of THE courses (excluding labs)*                                 
  38 hours 

 *Students certifying to teach must take THE 368 Creative Dramatics for Children.                          

III. Electives (including an additional Bible)                                          38 hours

Total Hours                                                                                                 126 hours

Requirements for Teaching Licensure in Theatre 

1. Completion of the B.A. major in Theatre as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses (see Department of Education entry).

3. THE 160 Introduction to Theatre to meet general education fine arts requirement.

4. Must take THE 368 Creative Dramatics for Children.


Every year FHU Theatre grads prove that it's possible to maintain a vibrant spiritual life while working in the theatre. They are at work in an industry hungry for Christian compassion and redemption. At FHU, your passion for performing can blossom into a career that entertains and heals.

Theatre programs in liberal arts universities all have much in common. Students enroll in a variety of acting, history, literature, and performance theory classes. In the classroom, students study various areas of theatre design and technology. Almost every theatre program produces plays and musicals. So what makes FHU Theatre different?

The primary difference lies in the exploration of faith and art. Emerging theatre artists learn how their Christian faith strengthens the work and how they can invite God into the rehearsal hall, the scene shop, and the box office. Faith isn't a limitation. It empowers the student artist to speak to a fallen world.

Another importance difference can quickly be seen on the day after a show closes. All theatre majors gather for "debriefing sessions" led by the director of theatre. Students are challenged to think through both the strengths and weaknesses of their work, to learn how to become better artists for future work. The emphasis on theatre production as a learning tool and not an end in itself distinguishes FHU Theatre from programs in many other institutions.

The Freed-Hardeman University Theatre program strives to provide a challenging, creative environment built upon scholarship and practice in which all students may enlarge their artistic potential, and to assemble a community of believer-artists dedicated to impacting their world for Christ.