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Rehearsal and Audition Info

Auditions for Carousel

September 15 at 7:00pm in Loyd

Callbacks will be held September 16 at 9:00pm.


Set against the rustic romance of a 19th century New England seacoast village, CAROUSEL spins a tale of unconditional faith, indomitable courage, and redemptive love. Featuring songs like “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over,” “If I Loved You,” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, it’s no surprise that CAROUSEL was the creative team’s favorite creation. Directed by R. Cliff Thompson and Gary McKnight.

How Will the Auditions Work?

Interested in a larger role?

  1. Perform 16 measures of music from a Broadway musical. Demonstrate your acting and singing skills by singing from memory. An accompanist will be provided. CD player will be available for those using tracks.
  2. Cold Readings from the script.
  3. Brief dance audition.


Interested in a chorus role?

  1. Make an appointment to sing for Gary McKnight (gmcknight@fhu.edu)
  2. Attend the September 15 auditions to read from the script.
  3. Dance Audition.


Interested in a non-singing role?

  1. Cold readings from the script only.


These selections of audition music are already cut for your use. Please bring your sheet music to the auditions.


Name Vocal Type Low Note High Note
Julie Jordan Soprano Db Gb
Carrie Pipperidge Soprano D G
Nettie Fowler Mezzo C G
Billy Bigelow Baritone G G
Enoch Snow Tenor B A
Jigger Craigin Baritone C D


Cast Requirements


Billy Bigelow: (late 20s – mid 30s) The very successful barker for Mullin’s Carousel. Billyʼs success is based in part on his attractiveness to the young women who visit the Carousel. A bit of a rogue and ladies’ man, Billy is a tragic figure who is a good person at heart, but who has never learned to deal with anyone, especially those he loves, with anything other than violence.


Julie Jordan: (early – mid 20s) - A very shy but headstrong young woman. She falls for Billy and recognizes that it will not come to a happy ending. Still she prefers Billy over someone like Mr. Snow who would treat her as property.


Carrie Pipperidge: (early – mid 20s) Carrie is Julieʼs best friend and is a much more conventional young woman for her time. She marries Mr Snow and is happy to be subservient to him. Good comedy role


Enoch Snow: (mid – late 30s) Fisherman and future tycoon. Mr Snow has his whole life planned out including his entire life with betrothed Carrie.


Nettie Fowler: (35 – 50) Julieʼs somewhat older and wiser cousin (maybe even kind of an Aunt). She runs the local “spa”, a kind of eating establishment. She takes in Julie and the unemployed Billy after their wedding. Kind and wise.


Jigger Craigin: (30s – 40s) A good-for-nothing sailor from a whaling ship. Every year in port he latches on to some unwitting accomplice for his criminal endeavours. This year it is Billy, and he leads Billy to his ruin.



Mrs Mullin: (30 – 45) She owns the Carousel in the local amusement park. She also thinks she owns Billy and is quite upset at his attraction to Julie. She fires Billy when he marries Julie but later tries to get Billy to leave Julie and come back. Mrs Mullin is a still attractive middle-aged widow.

Mr. Bascombe: (40 – 50s) The very strict owner of the local mill where Julie and Carrie live and work.


Starkeeper/Doctor Seldon: (50s upwards) A heavenly figure. Kindly, strict, wise. Dr. Seldon is the earthly version of the Starkeeper.


Heavenly Friend: (any age) An angel sent to bring Billy to Heaven after his death. This could be made into a character role and could be played by man or woman.


Louise: (age 15) : (Non – Singing role – but strong dancer) Billy and Julie’s tomboy daughter. She is an outsider due to her father’s acts and is a loner and unhappy.


Enoch Snow Jr : (age 16) Eldest of the Snow children and like his father. He considers Louise beneath him but likes her recklessness.



Large singing-dancing ensemble with Townspeople, Amusement Park Carnies, Youngsters and Seafaring Men

R&H Theatricals provides a number of excellent videos that capture moments from the show. Note the Lincoln Center performances especially.