Fall Short Plays

Festival of Short Plays


August 2020

The Last Hat 

by Kyle John Schmidt

Directed by Lakyn Wools


Molly Parsons … Jessica Hixson

Tiffany … Maddy Turner

Mr. Wilshire ... Jack Joiner

Peter … Jake Smith

Stage Manager … Nate Cass


Setting: Dress Shop, London, England

Time: Morning, 1860


Director’s Note:

Kyle John Schmidt’s play The Last Hat invites audiences to enter into the dress shop of Molly Parsons, a Victorian woman who has made the shocking discovery that her hair is eating her face. This farce is filled with love, pretense, and other odd conundrums which one might find themselves. Schmidt encourages us all to evaluate the distractions which we prioritize and urges us to be honest about ourselves and our desires.


The Other Room

by Ariadne Blayde

Directed by Jon Michael Thompson


Austin…JT Watford

Lilly…Erin Cahill

Travis… Presley Pearce

Christian….Landon Rydl

Donovan… Charlie Stone

Talbott… Collin Baker

Nick… Jake Liddle

Stage Manager… Courtney Wilcut


Setting: A nearly empty classroom after school

Time Period: Modern Day


Director’s Note:

In Aridane Blayde’s play The Other Room, we meet Austin. A 16-year-old boy who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The show is separated into two separate rooms. The room where Austin is residing in is reality. It is the physical world that holds the real human beings of the story. “The Other Room” consists of Blayde’s interpretation of what goes on inside Austin’s head in a very abstract sense. She uses a wide range of characters from a British Oxford student to an aircraft pilot to display the various interests of Austin and conflicting thoughts that go through his mind when he is presented with varying levels of stimuli.  Blayde challenges the audience to put themselves in the shoes of someone with ASD and to experience the confusion and chaos that they experience in their everyday life and gain a little more understanding of the struggles that they face.



The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould

by Benjamin Bettenbender

Directed by Madison Davis



Man… Spencer Hebert 

Woman… Sarah Bowen

Stage Manager… Haven Sanders 

Setting: A River Bank, the Northeast 

Time: Today


Director’s Note: 

The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould, written by Benjamin Bettenbender, is a satirical short play set alongside a riverbank. Here, an unlikely pair discovers a surprising similarity after a humorously imprudent attempt at suicide. The situation presented is offbeat and scattered with moments of authenticity. Bettenbender strives to bring laughter to dark situations to show that everything happens for a reason. This unexpected crossing of lives will give you hope and a reason to go on, at least for another day or two.