Become a Patron

FHU grads are working in professional and educational theatre. Before they get their "big break," you can give them an important career boost - and you can enjoy some fine college theatre too.

By becoming a theatre patron, you receive advanced information about ticket sales and theatre events. By making your reservations early, you're assured the best seats in both Loyd Auditorium and the new Black Box Theatre.


Patron contributions cover 50% of the expenses involved in producing theatre. Students like Cherie Evans (at left) benefit. Cherie worked in Chicago theatre and has recently moved to Los Angeles. She has appeared in episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement. Cherie credits her time at FHU as that which grounded her in her faith and prepared her to begin her professional career.




Make a difference while you enjoy a good show.

Print a copy of this Theatre Patron Form and send it in today.
See you at the theatre.

Cliff Thompson
Director of Theatre
Patron Levels:

FHU Employees may make monthly payments toward these amounts
  • Friend of the Theatre ($120) - 2 tickets per show
  • Sponsor's Circle ($180) - 3 tickets per show
  • Director's Circle ($240) - 4 tickets per show
  • Producer's Circle ($300) - 5 tickets per show
  • Backer's Circle ($360) - 6 tickets per show
  • Celebrity Circle ($500) - 30-ticket flex package*
  • Benefactor Circle ($750) - 36-ticket flex package*
Flex packages allow Celebrity and Benefactor Level Patrons to use their tickets for admission to any production. Use 15 tickets for admission to a single performance, and spread the other 15 tickets out in any combination you choose. The ultimate in ticketing choice.