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Brief Scene Descriptions for FHU Theatre Videos


2007-2008 Theatre Season Promo
From the Beast's castle to Hedda's drawing room, the 2007-2008 season took audiences to places both grand and intimate. This video promo piece features three FHU productions, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Hedda Gabler, and The Nina Variations.


Little Women
The four March sisters and their long-suffering mother make their way in Civil-War era America, yet one sister stands alone. Jo, a tomboyish writer of outlandish "penny dreadful" novels, finds her voice while in New York City. Directed by Cliff Thompson and Gary McKnight in 2009 (Loyd Auditorium), this scene features Melanie Lambert Wheat singing the Act I closer as she leaves her New England home for New York City.


Staged in thrust in the Black Box Theatre in 2009, FHU spins Shakespeare's tale of "vaulting ambition" against the backdrop of the American Civil War. The first clip features Chris Pate ('09) as the wavering Thane of Cawdor and Tansy Waldrop Matheny ('10) as his ambitious wife who urges him toward murder. In the second scene, Macbeth has killed the rightful king, but finds that one murder is not enough. Despite his wife's urgings, Macbeth plans more deaths. The production was directed by Cliff Thompson.


Nina Variations
In this funny, fierce and heartbreaking homage to The Seagull, Steven Dietz puts Chekhov's star-crossed lovers in a room and doesn't let them out. Nina (Rachel Ryan '10) and Treplev (Chris Pate '09) relive what might have been and could never be. This clip highlights two of the play's 43 different variations. Directed by Cliff Thompson, in Loyd Backstage in the spring of 2008.


Terra Nova
In 1911 British adventurer Robert Falcon Scott and his men race a Norwegian team to the South Pole. Refusing to use sled dogs because he considered it "unsporting", Scott and his team struggled to drag their heavy sleds across the frozen wasteland. This clip features Scott's team struggling across the ice. Directed by Chris Pate ('09) in the Black Box Theatre Spring 2009.


The God Committee
The God Committee by Mark St. Germain concerns a group of well-meaning hospital professionals trying to determine the most qualified recipient of a heart transplant, with several desperate candidates near death. Mauricio Campos ('09) is featured. Directed by Cliff Thompson in 2010, this production was staged in the round in FHU's Black Box Theatre.


The Miracle Worker
FHU's 2006 production of William Gibson's play featured both speaking and signing actors simultaneously on stage. In this, the final scene of the play, Helen's older brother Jamie finally confronts his father and Helen makes a life-changing discovery. Cliff Thompson directed this lovely production. Featured actors Van Richardson ('09) as Speaking Jamie and Tiffany Christensen ('07) and Kaitlin Pate ('08) as Annie Sullivan. Anna Brooks plays Helen.


The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
As a blizzard rages outside, a mismatched bunch of Broadway-types and socialites assemble to raise money for a new musical. In this final scene in Act I, the performers have just belted a song for a potential backer who sits, unresponsive. They have not noticed that a large spear sticks out of her chair, but the audience has! Staged by Cliff Thompson in Loyd Auditorium in the fall of 2010.