Mathematics and Computer Science

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is to serve the University by providing training in the development of computing skills among students and faculty and to support other curricula by providing foundational mathematics for students preparing for professional skills and graduate school. The department also seeks to prepare students in mathematics and computer science by sustaining an environment that stimulates and nourishes critical thinking skills. 

The department offers baccalaureate minors in Computer Science and in Mathematics, a B.S. major in Computer Science, a B.S. major in Interactive Digital Design, a B.S. major in Mathematics, and teacher licensure in Mathematics.

Why Study Here?

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science seeks to prepare students by sustaining an environment that stimulates and nourishes critical thinking skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics gives students the opportunity to become an analyst or actuary, to proceed to graduate school, or to pursue a teaching licensure. Our computer science graduates often work as database and network administrators, systems analysts, or software developers. Recent FHU alumni are working for some of the best in the industry such as Dynetics, Lockheed Martin, Intergraph, and HCA Healthcare. 

We have a growing mathematics and computer science program at FHU with knowledgeable and personable faculty members. At FHU, we believe you should never feel lost in the crowd, and our students enjoy both the size and relevance of their classes. Our courses cover many essential and advanced computer science topics such as web applications design and development, networks, databases, and operation systems. Advanced studies may also include research with the NVidia Supercomputer, XGrid distributed computing, protein folding, and protein sequence alignment. 

Aside from the general academic activity, students are also encouraged to join and participate in the Math and Computer Science Club. For more information about the club or about the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, please contact Dr. Mike Johnson at