Major in Computer Science

Ready to pursue a degree in Computer Science? Find out what's required with our easy to follow 4-year plan and a complete list of degree requirements.

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Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Computer Science               126 HOURS

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Kenan Casey

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation

  I. General Education Requirements 47-48 hours
     Listed in this catalog under Academics: General Education Display
     Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 122 Analytics and Calculus I
     The following limit applies ONLY to students choosing the Computer
     Science concentration under III. Additional Requirements:  
     Limit III. B. Chemistry or Physical Science to PHS 211 Physics for Science          and Engineering I
II. Computer Science Core
CIS 171 Computer Programming I   3
CIS 172  Computer Programming II    3
CIS 267 Application Development I (W)   3
CIS 268 Application Development II   3
CIS 273 Data Structures   3
CIS 324 Database Systems   3
CIS 345 Computer Networks    3
CIS 374  Algorithms    3
CIS 460  Operating Systems (W)    3 
CIS 491 Advanced Topics in Computer Science (W)   3
MAT 235 Introductory Statistics   3
MAT 240  Discrete Mathematics    3

36 hours
III. Additional Requirements (choose one of the two concentrations):
      A. Information Systems Requirements:
CIS 180  Introduction to System Administration    3 hours 
CIS 211 Introduction to Web Design   3
CIS 311 Advanced Web Design   3
CIS 322  Human-Computer Interaction (W)    3
CIS 441  System Administration and Security    3 
CIS 497  Internship    3
CIS 300-400 Level Electives   6
CIS 397  Internship    3
    26-27 hours 
      B. Computer Science Requirements:
CIS 368 Software Engineering I (W)   3
CIS 369  Software Engineering II     3 
CIS 386  Architecture and Assembly Language    3 
CIS 470  Programming Languages:  Theory & Practice    3 
CIS 300-400 Level Electives    6 
MAT 223  Analytics and Calculus II    4 
PHS 212  Physics for Science and Engineering II    4 
IV. Electives and recommended courses (including additional
15-17 hours
A.  Information Systems Recommended Electives:
CIS 317 Introduction to Java Programming 3
CJU 328  Computer Forensics 
MAT 223  Analytics and Calculus II 
MGT 346  Leadership 
MGT 444  Organizational Behavior 
B.  Computer Science Recommended Electives:
CIS 211 Introduction to Web Design 3
CIS 317  Introduction to Java Programming 
CIS 441  System Administration and Security 
CIS 474  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
MAT 224  Analytics and Calculus III