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Major in Missions

The B.A. in Missions is a core of 55 hours (in addition to the Bible courses required for general education) designed to prepare the student for both domestic and foreign mission work. The program includes a three-hour requirement for either Field Lab work or a Senior Practicum in missions.

Degree Requirements

I. General Education Requirements
(Listed in the catalog under Academics: "General Education
Display")  Limit I. A. Bible to BIB 446 Christian Evidences
(not BIB 346 Foundations of Faith)
46 hours
Limit III. C. 1. History to HIS 221 American History I or HIS 222 American History II
Limit III. C. 4. Humanities to POL 231 American Government I
Limit III. A. Behavioral Sciences to SOC 241 General Sociology

II. Core Requirements
BIB 130 Personal Evangelism 3 hours
BIB 161/162 New Testament Greek I and II 3
BIB 200 Bible Basis of Missions 2
BIB/COM 231 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons 3
BIB/COM 236 Intercultural Communication 3
BIB 250 Church History OR 3
BIB 350 Restoration Theology (3)
BIB 261 New Testament Greek Readings 3
BIB 262 New Testament Greek Exegesis 3
BIB 347 Systematic Christian Doctrine 3
BIB 410 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament (W) 3
BIB 420 Critical Introduction to the New Testament (W)  3
BIB 433 Personal Counseling OR 3
FAM/PSY 408 Family and Individual Counseling (3)
BIB 296/396/496 Field Laboratory / Internship  3
40 hours

III. Major Requirements
BIB 232 Missionary Principles and Practices 3
BIB/COM 236 Intercultural Communication OR 3
BIB/ANT 351 Missionary Anthropology (3)
BIB 332 History of Missions 3
BIB 338 Urban Church Growth 3
BIB 432 Seminar in Missions 3
    15 hours