Major in Youth and Family Ministry

The B.A. in Youth and Family Ministry is a core of fifty-five hours (in addition to the Bible courses required for general education) designed to prepare the student for work in both youth and family ministry. This program includes the requirement for a summer youth internship with a congregation.

4-Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, a 4-year plan for students planning to major in Youth and Family Ministry has been created:

2013-2014 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Bible Youth and Family Ministry

2012-2013 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Science in Bible Youth and Family Ministry

2011-2012 4-Year Plans

Bachelor of Science in Bible Youth and Family Ministry

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.A. Major in Bible: Youth and Family Ministry

I. General Education Requirements
(Listed in the catalog under Academics: "General Education 
Limit III. A. Behavioral Sciences to FAM 230 Marriage and the Family
Limit I. A. Bible to BIB 446 Christian Evidences (not BIB 346 Foundations of Faith)

46 hours

II. Core Requirements

BIB 130 Personal Evangelism 3 hours
BIB 161/162 New Testament Greek I and II 8
BIB/COM 231* Preparation and Delivery of Sermons 3
BIB 261 New Testament Greek Readings 3
BIB 262  New Testament Greek Exegesis 
BIB 250  Church History OR 
BIB 350  Restoration Theology  (3) 
BIB 347  Systematic Christian Doctrine 
BIB 410 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament (W) 3
BIB 420 Critical Introduction to the New Testament (W) 3
BIB 433 Personal Counseling OR 3
FAM/PSY 408 Family and Individual Counseling (3)
BIB 296/396/496 Field Laboratory/Internship 3

Additional Old or New Testament Text Course 2
40 hours

III.  Major Requirements                                                                            

BIB 237 Fundamentals of Youth and Family Ministry            3
BIB 330 Preacher and His Work 3
BIB 337 Adolescent Spiritual Development 3
BIB 345 Contemporary Concerns 3
BIB 347 Seminar for Youth and Family Ministry                            3

                               15 hours

IV.  Electives (including additional Bible)                                                       25 hours

*Women Bible majors may substitute BIB 233W The Christian Woman, BIB 235W
Message Design and Delivery, or BIB 333W Teaching the Bible to Children for
Women for COM 231 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons.