Major in Finance

The BBA in Finance prepares business students for a career in banking, investments, real estate, and other financial areas. The small upper-level finance classes allow valuable interaction with faculty members possessing a wealth of financial experience. Finance majors are encouraged to apply for the Clayton Investment Team which is a student managed 1 million dollar investment fund. The real-world experience gained is an invaluable learning tool that can distinguish the FHU finance graduate in the job market.

Four-Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, a four-year plan for students planning to major in Finance has been created:

2014-2015 Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

2013-2014 Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance


2012-2013 Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance


2011-2012 Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance


Degree Requirements

Course of Study for B.B.A. Majors in Finance and B.B.A./M.B.A. in Finance


I.    General Education Requirements                      46 hours

II.    Common Professional Component for all B.B.A. majors:

ACC 231
Principles of Accounting I  3 hours
ACC 233
Principles of Accounting II  3
BUS 254
Business Technology 3
BUS 351 Business Communication     3
BUS 354 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS 355  Statistical and Quantitative Analysis for Business 
BUS 455 Business Ethics 3
BUS 459 Business Strategy
ECO 271
Macroeconomics  3
ECO 272
FIN 385 Managerial Finance 
MGT 241 Principles of Management                                             3
MKT 261          Principles of Marketing  3
       39 hours

III.     Major Requirements 

B.B.A. Major in Finance:
ACC 332
Management Accounting  3 hours
ACC 430
Principles of Taxation  3
FIN 383
Risk Management  3
FIN 386
Financial Markets and Institutions  3
FIN 486
Investments  3
FIN 487
International Finance  3
  Internship or upper-division business electives  6
    24 hours
IV. Electives (including additional Bible) 17 hours

B.B.A./M.B.A. in Finance: 
ACC 332 Management Accounting 3 hours 
ACC 430 Principles of Taxation 
FIN 383 Risk Management 
FIN 386  Financial Markets & Institutions 
FIN 486 Investments
FIN 487  International Finance 
ACC 530  Accounting for Internal Decision Making 
ACC 536  Accounting for External Decision Making 
ACC/BUS 537  Business Controls and Accountability (cross-listed) 
BUS 550 Analytical Decision Tools 
BUS 559 Strategic Decision Making 
ECO 570  Economic Thought
FIN 580 Financial Managment
LDR 543  Leading Teams and Organizations 
MGT 540 Operations Management
MKT 560  Marketing Management 
    48 hours