Major in Child and Family Studies

The Child and Family Studies major provides in-depth knowledge of the strengths and physical, psychological, economic, and social well-being of families. Career opportunities include: early childhood education, childcare, eldercare, gerontology, family life education, and other community-based programs for families.

The Child and Family Studies program is certified by the National Council on Family Relations as meeting all standards and criteria for the Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation. Teacher licensure in Early Childhood Education (PreK-3) is also available through the Child and Family Studies program.

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for B.S. Major in Child and Family Studies

(See School of Education if teacher licensure is desired)

I. General Education Requirements 46 hours
   (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display")   

II. Major Core Requirements
COM 243 Interpersonal Communication 3 hours
FAM 201 Child Development and Lab 3
FAM 230 Marriage and the Family 3
FAM 305 Childhood Disorders (W) 3
FAM 310 Developmental Psychology 3
FAM 331 Parenting and Family Relations (W) 3
FAM 335 Human Sexuality 3
FAM 345 Child Management Through Adolescence 3
FAM 355 Family Policies (W) 3
FAM 365* Family Life Education Methodology 3
FAM 388 Personal and Family Financial Planning 3
FAM 431 Administration of Child & Family Programs 3
SOC 241 General Sociology 3
SOC 445 Ethnic Cultures (W) 3
42 hours
*Students graduating with a Child and Family Studies major with teacher licensure are exempt from taking FAM 365 Family Life Education Methodology.

III. Recommended Electives for B.S. Major in Child and Family Studies
      (including additional Bible) 38 hours
BIB 433 Personal Counseling 3 hours
FAM 299B Death and Dying 3
FAM 408 Family and Individual Counseling 3
SWK 251 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I:
Childhood and Adolescence
SWK 252 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II:
Adulthood and Aging
Students desiring to pursue certification as a Family Life Educator are required to complete FAM 497 Senior Practicum.