Major in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program is an interdisciplinary study designed to prepare students with essential knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and skills in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, juvenile justice criminal behavior, and institutional corrections. The Criminal Justice Program is administered through the Department of Behavioral Sciences. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad perspective of crime and criminal justice. Students completing this program of study will be granted a Bachelor of Science degree.

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Criminal Justice

Program Coordinator: Stark Davis

I. General Education Requirements 46 hours
    (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display")
    Limit III. A. Behavioral Sciences to SOC 241 General Sociology    
    Limit III. C. 4. Humanities to POL 231 American Government I
II. Major Core Requirements
CJU 210 Introduction to Criminal Justice System 3 hours
CJU 310 Police and Law Enforcement 3
CJU 320 Criminal Investigation 3
CJU 330 Correctional Systems
CJU 350 Juvenile Justice 3
CJU 410 Criminal Justice Theories (W) 3
CJU480 Capstone in Criminal Justice 3
CJU 497 Internship 3
POL 385 Fundamentals of Criminal Law (W) 3
POL 389 American Civil Liberties 3
PSY 210 General Psychology 3
PSY 218 Abnormal Psychology (W) 3
SOC 240 Crime and Delinquency 3
SOC 252 Human Behavior in Social Environment II 3
SOC/SWK 405 Methods of Social & Behavioral Research 3
SWK 330 Crisis Intervention 3
    48 hours 

III. Electives (including additional Bible) 32 hours
Recommended Courses:  
CJU/MIS 328 Computer Forensics  3
CJU/ACC/BUS 336 Fraud Examination  3
CJU 380 Criminal Behavior and Profiling  3
CJU499A Special Topics in Criminal Justice  3
MGT 241 Principles of Management  3
PHS 299A/399A Substance Abuse  3
PSY350 Forensic Psychology   3
SWK341 Child Welfare I  3