Major in Social Work

The mission of the Social Work Program is to provide graduates with a professional foundation of knowledge, values, and skills needed for effective generalist social work practice.

The program stresses the importance of hearing the voices of all people, understanding common human needs, and enhancing opportunities for mental, relational, environmental, physical, and spiritual health.

4 - Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, a 4-year plan for students planning to major in Social Work has been created:

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S.W. Major in Social Work

I. General Education Requirements 47 hours
   (Listed in this catalog under Academics: "General Education Display")
   Limit III. C. 1.  History to HIS 221 American History I or HIS 222 American History II
   Limit III. C. 4. Humanities to POL 231 American Government I
   Limit III. B. 1. Biology to BIO 100 Human Biology and Lab OR BIO 211
   Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Lab
II. Major Requirements
SWK 150 Introduction to Social Work 3 hours
PSY 210 General Psychology 3
SOC 241 General Sociology 3
SWK 250 Foundations of Social Work Practice 3
SWK 251 HBSE I: Childhood & Adolescence 3
SWK 252 HBSE II: Adulthood & Aging 3
SWK 260 Careers in Social Work 1
SWK 265 Professional Communication in Social Work Practice (W) 3
SWK 351 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3
SWK 352 Social Work Practice with Groups, Organizations, and Communities 3
SWK 361 Social Welfare Policies & Services I (W) 3
SWK 362 Social Welfare Policies & Services II 3
SWK 405 Methods of Social & Behavioral Research I 3
SWK 406 Methods of Social & Behavioral Research II (W) 3
SOC 445 Ethnic Cultures 3
SWK 450 Intervention with Populations-at-Risk 3
SWK 454 Seminar in Social Work Practice 3
SWK 497 Senior Social Work Practicum 9
    58 hours 

III. Electives (including additional Bible) 21 hours
Recommended Courses:  
FAM 305 Childhood Disorders  3
PSY 218 Abnormal Psychology  3
PSY 408 Family & Individual Counseling 3
SOC 240 Crime & Delinquency 3
SWK 341 Child Welfare I 3