Education (Early Childhood PreK-3)

Our early childhood PreK-3 licensure provides you with the knowledge and training to pursue a career in early childhood education. The curriculum places a heavy focus on the study of children from birth-to-kindergarten age and pre-kindergarten (pre-k) to third grade. Students planning to seek PreK-3 licensure must complete the Professional Core as outlined by the Department of Education and follow the course of study as outlined in the Child and Family Studies major. This comprises a full semester of integrated professional practicum experience and one full semester of student teaching in public school settings. Students who acquire licensure in early childhood will be certified to teach PreK-3 grade.



Degree Requirements 

Course of Study for B.S. Major in Education (Early Childhood)

(Second Major Only)
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: "Degree/Graduation Requirements."

I. General Education Requirements are met by the Content Major

II. Second Major Requirements:

EDU 130 Introduction to Education 3 hours
EDU 315 Children's Literature 3
EDU 320 Technology in the Classroom 3
EDU 325 Teaching Strategies PreK-3 3
EDU 327 Tests and Measurement 3
EDU 428 Classroom Management* 2
EDU 430 Educational Strategies - Elementary* 3
EDU 444 Student Teaching, PreK-3 12
EDU 450 Professional Reflection and Planning 1
RDG 324 Teaching Literacy in the Elem & Mid Schools & Practicum 4
SPE 240 Special Education Foundations 3
HEA 216 Personal Health 3
MAT 206 Real Number System 3 
    46 hours
 *Classes must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.