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The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) outlines eight annual reporting measures that are used to provide information to the public on both program impact and program outcomes.  These eight CAEP reporting measures are demonstrated with the following:

1.  Impact on P-12 learning and development and
2.  Indicators of teaching effectiveness 
are both demonstrated through the most recent Teacher Preparation Report Card and TNAtlas data, as seen in CAEP Measures 1 and 2 Data Report.

3.  Satisfaction of employers and employment milestones are available in CAEP Measure 3 Report.

4.  Satisfaction of completers is evident in CAEP Measure 4 Report

5.  Graduation rates for those who entered clinical placements are found in CAEP Measure 5 Report 2018-19 and CAEP Measure 5 Report 15-18.

6.  Ability of completers to meet licensure requirements can be found in CAEP Measure 6 Report - Candidate Assessment and CAEP Measure 6 Report.

7.  Ability of completers to be hired in positions for which they have been prepared can be found in CAEP Measure 7 Report.

8.  Student loan default rates and other consumer information for the university can be found in CAEP Measure 8 - Default Rates and CAEP Measure 8 - Pertinent Information.




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