Degree Requirements

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed for students who seek advanced study in business. Our 30-hour program can be completed totally online. Courses are taught in four-week blocks and can be completed in approximately one year. The four-week course blocks allow the student to concentrate on only one course at a time, maximizing effective learning.

The School of Business also offers a dual enrollment BBA/MBA degree that allows the student to earn an undergraduate business degree and an MBA. BBA/MBA students can earn this dual degree in marketing, management, finance, or accounting, in which they will also obtain the credits needed to take the C.P.A. exam. The BBA/MBA degree is detailed in the undergraduate catalog.

As a requirement to graduate, students must participate in program assessment activities scheduled near the completion of their coursework. These activities are integrated into the capstone BUS 559 Strategic Decision Making Course. The details of this scheduling are initiated when the student begins the course.

Students are encouraged to access the following website on a recurring basis for routinely updated information about the MBA program:


Degree Requirements

Course of Study for M.B.A. 

  ACC 530 Accounting for Internal Decision Making 3 hours
  ACC 536 Accounting for External Decision Making 3
  ACC/BUS 537 Business Controls and Accountability 3
  BUS 550 Analytical Decision Tools 3
  BUS 559* Strategic Decision Making 3
  ECO 570 Economic Thought
  FIN 580 Financial Management
  LDR 543 Leading Teams and Organizations 3
  MGT 540 Operations Management
  MKT 560 Marketing Management 3

30 hours
 *Capstone course – to be taken in last semester of program