AP Exam Information

For Advanced Placement (AP) scores of 1 and 2, no course credit is given.

For AP scores of 3, 4 or 5 (unless specified) the following course credit is given:

 Test Title    Course Credit  Hours  Grade
 Studio Art: Drawing    ART120- Drawing I  3 M- Mastery 
 Biology    BIO111- Biology I  4 M
     BIO112- Biology II  4  M 
 Calculus AB    MAT122- Calculus I  5 M
 Calculus BC    MAT122- Calculus I  5 M
     MAT223- Calculus II  4  M 
 Chemistry    CHE121- Gen. Chem. I  4 M
     CHE122- Gen. Chem. II  4 M
 Computer Science A    CIS170- Intro to Comp. Program  3  M 
     CIS171- Computer Program I  3 M
 English Language and Composition    ENG101- English Comp. I  3 M
     ENG102- English Comp. II  3 M
 English Literature and Composition    ENG101- English Comp. I  3 M
     Choice of Literature Course  3 M
 Environmental Science    BIO299  3 M
 European History    HIS111- World Civilization I  3  M 
     HIS112- World Civilization II  3 M
 Human Geography    POL251- Fundamentals of Political Geography    3 
 Macroeconomics    ECO271- Macroeconomics   3  M
 Microeconomics    ECO272- Microeconomics  3 M
 Music Theory    MUS201- Music Theory I  3 M
     MUS101- Intro to Sight Singing  2 M
 Physics B- score of 3    PHS201- General Physics I  4  M 
 For a score of 4 or 5    PHS201/202- General Physics I and II  8 M
 Psychology    PSY210- General Psychology  3 M
 Spanish    SPA131- Elementary Spanish I  3 M
 Statistics    MAT235- Introductory Statistics  3 M
 United States Government & Politics     POL231- American Government I  3 M
 United States History    HIS221- American History I  3  M
     HIS222- American History II  3  M
 World History    HIS111- Survey of Civilization I  3  M
     HIS112- Survey of Civilization II  3  M