Academic Dates and Deadlines

Summer/Fall 2016

May 16   Two-Week and Ten-Week Sessions Begin
May 16   Add/Drop for Two-Week Session- 5:00pm
May 20   Withdraw Passing Deadline for Two-Week Session- 5:00pm
May 27   Final Exams for May Two-Week Courses
May 27   Add/Drop for Ten-Week Session- 5:00pm
May 30   Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)
May 31   First Four-Week and Eight-Week Sessions Begin
Jun. 3   Add/Drop for First Four-Week and Eight-Week Sessions
Jun. 10   Withdraw Passing Deadline for First-Four Week, Eight-Week, and Ten-Week Sessions 
Jun. 24   Final Exams for First Four-Week Courses
Jun. 24   Spring Incomplete Grades Due- 5:00pm
Jun. 27   Second Four-Week Sessions Begin
Jul. 1   Add/Drop for Second Four-Week Session
Jul. 4    Independence Day Holiday (no classes)
Jul. 8    Withdraw Passing Deadline for Second-Four Week Session- 5:00pm
Jul. 22   Final Exams for Second Four-Week and Eight-Week Sessions
Aug. 8
August Two-Week Courses Begin
Aug. 8   Add/Drop for Two-Week Session
Aug. 12   Withdraw Passing Deadline for Two-Week Session- 5:00pm
Aug. 20   Welcome Home- Freshmen Move-In
Aug. 20   First Eight-Week Session Begins
Aug. 20   Interface Begins
Aug. 22   Advising and Registration for New Students
Aug. 23   Advising and Registration for Returning Students
Aug. 24   Final Exams for Two-Week Session
Aug. 24   Undergraduate Sixteen-Week Session Begins
Sept. 1
December Graduation Applications Due- 5:00pm
Sept. 1   Last Day to Submit Special Studies Forms
Sept. 1   Add/Drop for Sixteen-Week and First Eight-Week Sessions- 5:00pm
Sept. 5   Labor Day Holiday (no classes)
Sept. 16   Withdraw Passing Deadline for First Eight-Week Session- 5:00pm
Sept. 23   Counseling Guides for December Due to Registrar's Office
Oct. 10   Maroon and Gold Day 
Oct. 10-14   Final Exams for First Eight-Week Session 
Oct. 10-14    Mid-Term Week for Sixteen-Week Session 
Oct. 14    Summer Incompletes and Mid-Term Grades Due- 1:00pm 
Oct. 14    Last Day to Change or Declare a Major Prior to Advising and Enrolling for the Spring Semester 
Oct. 15    Second Eight-Week Term Begins 
Oct. 17    Advising for Spring 2017 Begins 
Oct. 19-Nov. 7    Students May Not Change or Declare a Major 
Oct. 21    Withdraw Passing Deadline for Sixteen-Week Sessions- 5:00pm 
Oct. 26    Seniors May Begin Registering for Spring 2017 
Oct. 27    Juniors May Begin Registering for Spring 2017 
Oct. 27    Add/Drop for Second Eight-Week Session- 5:00pm 
Oct. 28    Sophomores May Begin Registering for Spring 2017 
Oct. 28    University Scholars' Day 
Nov. 1    Freshmen May Begin Registering for Spring 2017 
Nov. 11    Withdraw Passing Deadline Second Eight-Week Session- 5:00pm 
Nov. 11-12    Homecoming 
Nov. 19-27    Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes) 
Dec. 12-15    Final Exam Week 
Dec. 15    Graduation Rehearsal for Students- 5:30pm 
Dec. 16    Graduation- 6:00pm 
Dec. 17-Jan. 2    Christmas and New Years Holidays (no classes)