Freshman Advising

The personnel in the Academic Success Center coordinate the advising of freshmen. All entering freshmen and transfer students who have fewer than 15 hours credit will be enrolled in University Foundations. The teacher for that course then becomes the student's adviser until the student declares a major. The freshman adviser helps the student through the course selection process, monitors grades and class attendance, and encourages academic progress. 

Placement Testing 

Some students may choose to complete an additional placement test as a part of the freshman registration process. Students who score less than 18 on the English portion of the ACT or less than 21 on the Math portion may complete the ACCUPLACER. The administration of the ACCUPLACER takes place at the advising and registration event for which the student is scheduled. The scores on the ACT and the ACCUPLACER exam are used to evaluate student placement into FHU's developmental studies program.

To prepare for the ACCUPLACER, please view the following link: