Student Alumni Association

The Student-Alumni Association at Freed-Hardeman exists to:

  1. promote effective communication between students and alumni;
  2. educate current students about the importance of being a good alumnus or alumna;
  3. assist the office of Alumni Relations and other faculty, staff and administration achieving goals.


The History of SAA at FHU

The Student-Alumni Association was established at Freed-Hardeman University in 1979 by John R. Hall. It serves as a liaison between students and alumni and hosts many campus activities. Selection of membership is by application and interview.

The first student-alumni association was established at Indiana University in the late 1940s. Although annual conventions began meeting in the 1970s, organization of a network did not happen until the early 1980s. At the annual convention in 1983, those 300 students representing 67 schools voted unanimously to establish the ASAP Network. Eight district representatives were selected to serve as liaisons between the Network and the institutions within their districts. The network, its programs, conventions and concerns continue to grow, with 1990 membership exceeding 250 organizations at two- and four- year institutions throughout the United States and Canada.

The ASAP Network is somewhat unique in that it is managed primarily by students with assistance from professionals working at colleges and universities. However, in the summer of 1991, Network headquarters were permanently moved to CASE in Washington, D.C. All records are housed there. An intern is responsible for the Network newsletter and coordinating and disseminating information to the eight district representatives.

Each year the network publishes newsletters highlighting programs and events of member institutions throughout the United States and Canada. An annual convention is hosted in the fall by a member institution, and conventions for Freed-Hardeman's district, District III, are held each spring. Organizations pay annual dues to receive the many benefits of Network membership.