Computer Science
  • SDX

    Oct 09, 2014
    SDX (Summer Development eXperience) was an amazing two week experience I was a part of this summer. The goal of this experience was to finish the DocuSim web app on web-based patient assessment form for nursing students use in their simulated labs.
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  • Childish Things are Good

    Sep 13, 2013
    Remember Legos? They are one of the early toys children enjoy in their play.
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  • Super Mario Pi

    Jul 29, 2013
    I like pi, who doesn’t? Pi, the number that gives us circles. Pie, a delicious dessert that comes in many different flavors. Pi, a pocket sized computer with capacity for hours of entertainment. This last kind of pi, Raspberry Pi, is one of things we were lucky to work with this year in Operating Systems (CIS 460).
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  • Flipping Computer Networks

    Apr 03, 2013
    This semester in Computer Networks (CIS 345) we are flipping the class. In practical terms this means we listen to lectures that have been recorded before coming to class and use class time for discussion and hands on activity. While this may put more responsibility on us as the students, we get a lot more out of it.
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  • What Books CS Majors Should Read

    Feb 11, 2013
    Each spring, graduating computer science majors FHU take Advanced Topics in Computer Science (CIS 491), a course that serves as the capstone course of their undergraduate program. The main component of this course is a significant, real-world development project.
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