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Brianna's Admissions Spotlight: 4 Things Your Admissions Counselor Loves

Dec. 09, 2014

Let me guess. You’re sitting on your couch watching Netflix Christmas movies, eating candy canes, and drinking eggnog because you’re SO READY for Christmas. I get it. That’s me this time of year, too. But something has been nagging you. In the spirit of the season, you really just want to know how you can make your Admissions Counselor happy. I’ll give you a hint by explaining four things we absolutely love. 

1. We Love Talking to You!

Over the phone, via email, on Facebook, or as a text, we love getting to talk to you! We are honored to be part of such a big transition in your life, and we really do enjoy discussing your interests, your goals, and your concerns. Chances are, we have been in your place before or have talked to students who have exactly the same concerns as you do.  Stop turning to the Magic 8 Ball for advice. We’re right here!

What to avoid: One-word responses


“Yes” is a pretty confusing response to “What are you interested in studying?” We promise, we’re here to help you, so don’t hesitate to call us up! 

2. We Love a Real Voicemail

In the event that you are unable to answer when we call, we forgive you. We know you’re busy. We probably are not even expecting you to call back, but we do like to leave reminder voicemails. There’s a lot to keep track of—transcripts, ACT scores, SAT scores, health forms, housing forms, and (the dreaded) FAFSA. Allow us to be your college enrollment guardian angels with these two simple steps: 1. Make sure you set up your voicemail. 2. Make sure your voicemail isn’t full.

What to avoid: The Fake-Out

I’m in love with Christmas. (Have I mentioned that yet?) I have spent my last two weekends spending every spare minute decorating for Christmas. My tree is up; my house is filled with perfect sparkly lights, and countless snowflakes are hanging from the ceiling. I’m actually listening to “White Christmas” as I type this. I have always loved Christmas, and I was no different in high school. My voicemail was set to the tune of “Let It Snow,” and it went like this:  

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Hearing from you is so delightful, but since I cannot answer the phone, leave a message after the tone.”

Quirky? Yes. Annoying? Only because I can’t sing. However, let’s discuss one type of voicemail that every admissions counselor hates: The Fake-Out. Haven’t heard of it? It goes something like this: 

“Hello? Oh, hi! How are you? (Pause.) Oh yeah? (Pause.) Uh-uh. (Another Pause.) HAHA, GOTCHA! I’m actually not here right now, so leave a message!”


3. We Love Good Grammar 


Reason number 563,689 why roommates are essential to surviving college: they make great proofreaders. Not to mention, we have free peer tutoring at FHU. Even though you may not have those resources available to you right now, it would be wise to get into the habit of proofreading your own emails and texts before hitting “send.” 

What to avoid: Words that require a cryptographer to decipher them. B aware that we h8 txts that look like this. They hurt our eyes. 

4. We Love When You Visit Campus


We love having you on campus! Whether you decide to come for a traditional visit or for Maroon & Gold Day, we get so excited when you tell us you’re planning to be on campus. We love showing students around and sharing our own stories of our time here. We’ll take you by the dorms where we spent our nights mattress sledding and eating our dorm mom’s delicious homemade “brain fuel.” We’ll introduce you to our favorite professors who invited us to their homes and helped shape us as people. We’ll talk to you about our internship opportunities, mission work, and study abroad experiences. We’ll share with you our traditions and show you what makes FHU great. 

What to avoid: Skipping an official visit

Your Admissions Counselor is pretty easy to please. In fact, forget #2 and #3. If you talk to us and come visit, we will overlook all voicemail fake-outs and word crimes.  Just bring us a candy cane.