Experience FHU

The Legacy Lives On

Jan. 20, 2015

When most people think of Freed-Hardeman University, they think of the rich Christian heritage that thrives throughout the campus. From our administration to our faculty and staff and on down to our students, we thrive on maintaining our Christian heritage. It is our foundation.


As our university prepares to celebrate the 90th birthday of former president Dr. E. Claude Gardner (pictured second from left), we can't help but think of the legacy created by him and so many other leaders throughout our university's history. From A.G. Freed and N.B. Hardeman on to current chancellor and former president Milton R. Sewell (pictured third from left) and our current president, Dr. Joe Wiley (pictured far right), our leadership has continued to honor the Christian heritage on which FHU was founded. Though each president is different, each has had the same goal for FHU: to be the number one school in Christian higher education. 

We believe that goal has paid off. FHU has remained the premier university for Christian higher education through our dedication to training young people how to live and how to make a living. We provide quality education with Christian professors who love you and believe in you. You can talk with them inside the classroom or outside at a local congregation. Almost every day, you'll have an opportunity to attend a devotional, alongside your professors, that will grow your knowledge and faith in our Father. 

The spiritual opportunities at FHU are endless because that’s what FHU is all about. Spirituality. Faith. Religion. You come to Freed-Hardeman U because you want to be part of an environment in which faith and reason create Christian leaders. We are proud of our heritage, but are counting on you to keep it going. We hope to see you on campus soon!