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UPC Carnival

Sep. 09, 2015

This past week we had an amazing carnival in the Commons for students, faculty and staff, and their families. This is my second year here at FHU, which makes it my second time to attend the UPC Carnival. Last year I was in total shock that we were actually having a carnival on campus. I thought there may just be putt-putt golf and something as simple as face painting, but I was wrong—there was so much more! There was a water slide, a bull ride, and a variety of games going on. 

IMG_2189 copy            IMG_2187 copy

This year was no different. It was an evening filled with sno-cones, a water slide, and my personal favorite: free t-shirts! I also had the chance to get a caricature made. I don’t know many universities that bring a carnival to campus, so this is one of the many reasons why FHU is such an awesome place. The carnival was a great opportunity for me to hang out with my friends while also making new ones. As we’re beginning a new school year, I encourage each of you to be involved and take advantage of events like this one. 



About the Author

IMG_0460-2(photo used with permission of Joshua Sells)

Sophomore Hollie Porter is an education major from Savannah, Tennessee. She enjoys traveling, Mexican food, and being a cheerleader at FHU. Although FHU is special to her for many reasons, she loves the environment the most: “how when walking around campus, you always see familiar faces. It feels like one big family.”