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FHU Abroad

FHU Abroad provides the opportunity for student learning to move beyond the classroom and into the world. While studying abroad with FHU, students have first-hand encounters with other cultures, immerse themselves in other languages, develop new skills and perspectives like independence and global awareness, and make friendships and create memories that last a lifetime.

FHU Abroad offers multiple study abroad programs that provide life-changing opportunities for growth and learning. The semester-long program in Belgium involves studies of Western art, history, literature, and language, as well as group and independent travels throughout Europe. The 4-week summer Spanish Immersion Program allows students to take classes from a prestigious, accredited university in Madrid, Spain, while being immersed in the local culture through trips and activities. The 11-day academic tour of Israel and Jordan offers a rich learning experience that brings context to the Scriptures and fills the imagination with visions of the past.

For more information, please visit fhu.edu/abroad or contact FHU Abroad at 731-989-6057 or at fhuabroad@fhu.edu.