Protect the Pride - FHU's Return to Campus Plan


It has been great to welcome new students and reunite with returning students on campus this month. We are family, and we love spending time with family. We also want to keep our family safe, and as Lions, we want to “Protect the Pride!” 

Our faculty, staff, administration, and COVID-19 Task Force have worked steadily on plans for us to safely deliver the traditional on-campus FHU experience that our students love and value.

FHU is committed to providing the very best experience for students this fall in a safe environment. It is a blessing that FHU resides in a small town and geographic location that has been impacted in a limited way by COVID-19. Our prayer is that Chester County and Freed-Hardeman University remain a safe place, and FHU is committed to doing its part to make this possible. 

The FHU COVID-19 Task Force, which is composed of administrators, health care professionals, faculty, and staff, have developed the Protect the Pride Return to Campus Plan. Protect the Pride is a framework that allows Freed-Hardeman to operate safely, despite varying levels of risk that may be present on campus and in the surrounding communities. In the event the risk level increases, each area of campus has developed specific plans that govern the steps their area will take to increase the safety of the campus community. 

The following levels of risk, determined by the level of community spread present in Chester County and surrounding communities, will be used to communicate in real-time the risk to our campus community. The Chester County Health Department will be FHU’s primary resource to monitor community risk from COVID-19.


Protect the Pride Risk Levels


  • Meaning - No-to-minimal community spread. Evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, no evidence of exposure within large communal settings. 


  • Meaning - Minimal-to-moderate community spread. Widespread and/or sustained transmission with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings with potential for rapid increase in suspected cases. 


  • Meaning - Substantial community spread. Large scale community transmission, health care staffing significantly impacted, multiple cases within communal settings like healthcare facilities, schools, mass gatherings, etc. 

Level RED 

  • Meaning - Substantial and ongoing community spread. 

In addition to community spread, three metrics will be used to inform decisions related to threat levels: the number of new positive test results; the percentage of new positive test results; and the total number of active cases.


COVID 19 Quick Guide Decision Tree


Download the Covid 19 Quick Guide Here



Protecting the Pride

As we consider steps we can take to Protect the Pride, there are several changes that have been implemented this fall regardless of the level of risk to help keep FHU safer. Some of these changes include:

  • Temperature checks for new and returning students before moving onto campus

  • Increased cleaning and sanitation processes across campus

  • De-densifying the number of students in the classrooms

  • Hand sanitizer available in common areas of campus buildings

  • Daily self-reported health assessment via the FHU Protect the Pride Health App for students, faculty, and staff

  • A physician and nurse will be available at the Campus Clinic to provide daily medical support to the campus; the physician is an additional healthcare provider at the clinic. 

  • Social distancing according to the latest recommendations

  • Masks will be required at certain times and places according to the current level of risk to protect the campus community and to allow the campus to remain open.  More detailed information will be provided soon.


FHU has historically been a safe environment, and we are taking precautions for our students, parents, guests, faculty, and staff this fall as they visit, live, and work on campus. Additional information is available below that address specific areas of the FHU experience.  


David R. Shannon



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