Employer Services 

The University Career Center is here to assist companies in meeting their employment needs. We work to connect employers with students who are interested in careers in their field, as well as coordinating communication between employers and our faculty members.

The key to successful recruiting for employers is to build and maintain a presence on campus. Organizations that have the most success are those who have name recognition and a positive image with our students. In order to achieve a higher level of campus awareness, employers are encouraged to use an integrated approach involving a variety of activities. The list below are strategies to assist you in connecting with FHU students.

1) Post your job opportunities - at www.fhu.edu/jobs or by contacting Jim Brown, Director of the Career Center, at 800-348-3481 or jbrown@fhu.edu with information on positions.

2) Interview students on FHU's campus - collect resumes from interested students and spend a day interviewing candidates in our facilities.

3) Offer internship opportunities - a great way to provide students with learning opportunities about your organization. You can test potential hires before graduation too.

4) Volunteer to assist the Career Center - conduct mock interviews, do classroom presentations, speak to our professional organizations, or conduct resume and interview workshops. You can share your experience with students interested in your industry.