Chapel Schedule

The Chapel Committee has selected "Follow Me" (Luke 14:27) as the theme for the Fall 2014 semester. Various speakers have been invited to address assigned topics. This semester's chapel schedule will include messages from guest speakers, FHU students, faculty and staff as well as a variety of devotional, singing, educational, and special presentation programs.
 Monday  Aug.  25    "God Wants You to Know Him"     Ralph Gilmore
 Tuesday  Aug.  26    "God Wants to Change You"    Billy Smith
 Wednesday  Aug.  27    Singing Day    Cliff Thompson
 Thursday  Aug.  28    "God Want You to Find Your Mission"    Guest: Cary Crews
 Friday  Aug.  29    Devotional Day    Sam Jones
 Monday  Sept.   1    Labor Day Holiday - No Chapel    
 Tuesday  Sept.   2    Singing Day    
 Wednesday  Sept.   3    "God Wants You to Be Useful and Holy"    Mark Blackwelder
 Thursday  Sept.   4    "God Want You to Be a Good Imitation"    Guest: David Shannon
 Friday  Sept.   5    Yes on 1    Guest: Barry Phillips
 Monday  Sept.   8    Grandparents Day     Alumni
 Tuesday  Sept.   9    Mission Emphasis    Kevin Moore
 Wednesday  Sept.  10    Mission Emphasis    Kevin Moore
 Thursday  Sept.  11    Academic Services    Ginger Young
 Friday  Sept.  12    R.U.S.H.    Joe Askew
 Monday  Sept.  15    College of Arts & Sciences    LeAnn Davis
 Tuesday  Sept.  16    "God Warns You About the War Zone"    David Powell
 Wednesday  Sept.  17    Singing Day    Blake Beckham
 Thursday  Sept.  18    "Justification: A Clean Slate"    Guest: Reed Swindle
 Friday  Sept.  19    "Sanctification: A Daily Choice"    Jim Barr
 Monday  Sept.  22    College of Education & Behavioral Sciences    Sharen Cypress
 Tuesday  Sept.  23    "Transformation: The Work of the Holy Spirit"    Student: Burton Walker
 Wednesday  Sept.  24    Devotional Day    
 Thursday  Sept.  25    "Heaven: The Great Reveal"    Jim Gardner
 Friday  Sept.  26    "How to Please God"    Guest: Donny DeBord
 Monday  Sept.  29    College of Biblical Studies    Billy Smith
 Tuesday  Sept.  30    "An Easy Life or a Great Life?"    Guest: Adam Richardson
 Wednesday  Oct.   1    "A Stable Walk with God"    Roy Sharp
 Thursday  Oct.   2    "Think Like a Christian"    Student: Jon Paul Gulledge
 Friday  Oct.   3    Singing Day    Clay Young