Chapel Schedule

Spring 2014 Chapel Schedule
 Monday      Apr.  7   "Find Treasure in Heaven"
 (Matt. 6:19-24
   Student: Ian Keeter
 Tuesday  Apr.  8    Carl Perkins Center  
 Wednesday  Apr.  9    "Manage Anxiety (Matt. 6:25-34)    Chris Creecy
 Thursday  Apr.  10    Devotional    Sports Center
 Friday  Apr.  11    Makin' Music    
 Monday  Apr.  14    Guest Speaker    Alumni
 Tuesday  Apr.  15    Devotional Day
 (Be Faithful - Rev. 2:10)
 Wednesday  Apr.  16    "Judge Righteously" (Matt. 7:1-5)    Guest:
 Colton Shannon
 Thursday  Apr.  17    Guest Speaker    Advancement
 Friday  Apr.  18    "Practice the Golden Rule"
 (Matt. 7:12)
   Jason Shockley
 Monday  Apr.  21    DMD Organization    
 Tuesday  Apr.  22    "Choose Wisely at the Crossroads"
 (Matt. 7:13-14)
 Jon Schwartz
 Wednesday  Apr.  23    Student Government Association    
 Thursday  Apr.  24    "Pick the Right Fruit"
 (Matt. 7:15-20)
   Brian Butterfield
 Friday  Apr.  25    Singing Day    Richard England
 Monday  Apr.  28    University Counseling Center & WRAP    
 Tuesday  Apr.  29     "Walk the Talk" (Matt. 7:21-22)    Kirk Brothers
 Wednesday  Apr.  30    Honoring Retirees    C.J.Vires
 Thursday  May  1    Devotional Day - "Be An Example"
 I Tim. 4:12
   Student Athletes
 Friday  May  2    Singing Day    Stephen Morris