Chapel Schedule
The Chapel Committee has selected "Help, I'm Struggling With My Faith" as the theme for the Spring 2015 semester. Various speakers have been invited to address assigned topics. This semester's chapel schedule will include messages from guest speakers, FHU students, faculty and staff as well as a variety of devotional, singing, educational, and special presentation programs.
 Monday Jan.  26    "Faith, Why It's Essential"    Student: Caleb Sams
 Tuesday Jan.  27    "Is It Wrong to Question God?"    Guest: Bill Wade
 Wednesday Jan.  28    "Is It a Sin to Doubt?"    Jesse Robertson
 Thursday Jan.  29    "Why Do Good People Suffer?"    Kirk Brothers
 Friday Jan.  30   Lectureship Committee    David Lipe
 Annual Bible Lectureship Week    
 Monday  Feb.   2    "David the Friend"    Kyle Butt
 Tuesday  Feb.   3    "David the Warrior"    Joshua Houston
 Wednesday  Feb.   4    "David the Leader"    Aubrey Johnson
 Thursday  Feb.   5    "David the Broken"    David Wright
 Friday  Feb.   6    Singing Day    
 Monday  Feb.   9    "Reasons to Believe: God"    Ralph Gilmore
 Tuesday  Feb.  10    "Reasons to Believe: Jesus Christ"    Billy Smith
 Wednesday  Feb.  11   "Reasons to Believe: Holy Spirit"    Jim Gardner
 Thursday  Feb.  12    "Reasons to Believe: Bible"    Dana Baldwin
 Friday  Feb.  13    "Symptoms of Those Who Believe,    Roy Sharp
         Yet Have Unbelief"