Chapel Schedule
The chapel theme for the spring 2016 semester is "For His Glory: Let My..." Paul exhorts Christians, in I Corinthians 10:31, to come to an understanding of the importance of what we do. Therefore, all we do or say should be done with one key objective and that is "for the glory of God" (NIV). The focus of chapel this semester is to encourage one another to strive to be better in 2016 in bringing glory and honor to God.
Monday Feb.      1 "For His Glory: Let My Encounters With Others Lift Their Spirits Kirk Brothers 
Tuesday Feb.    2 Singing Day                       Chi Beta Chi
Wednesday  Feb.    3 "For His Glory: Let My Decisions Not Be a Disappointment" Cliff Thompson 
Thursday  Feb.     4 Student Speaker Noah Icenhour
Friday  Feb.     5 Lectureship Committee  Doug Burleson 
Annual Bible Lectureship Week - Theme: In My Place - The Servant Savior in Mark
Monday  Feb.     8 "Will You Trust Him"
Reed Swindle
Tuesday Feb.     9 "Will You Confess Him"  Harrison Chastain
Wednesday  Feb.   10 "Will You Follow Him" Michael Whitworth
Thursday Feb.   11 "Will You Share Him"
David Shannon
Friday  Feb.   12 Singing Day Xi Chi Delta