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Chapel Schedule
The chapel theme for the fall 2015 semester is "Changing into the Likeness of Christ." According to Paul, it's God's desire expressed in the scheme of redemption established by God before the world was created for all people who "answered the call of the gospel" to be transformed into the image or likeness of His Son (cf. Rom. 8:29-30). The focus of chapel this semester is to challenge and/or encourage the FHU community to strive to be like Christ in their thoughts and actions.
Monday Oct.   5 Fine Arts Department    
Tuesday Oct. 6 Going the "Second Mile" Like Christ   Corey Markum  
Wednesday Oct.  7 Student Speaker   Daniel McNatt  
Thursday Oct.  8 Changing Into Being a Friend Like Christ   Justin Rogers  
Friday  Oct.  9 Singing Day      
Monday  Oct.  12 Guest Speaker   John McCall  
Tuesday Oct. 13 Changing Into Being Gracious Like Christ   Jesse Robertson  
Wednesday  Oct.   14 Split Chapel Session    James Dalton, Jenny Johnson  
Thursday Oct. 15 Changing Into Being Holy Like Christ   Larry Moran  
Friday Oct. 16  Devotional Day   College of Business